When you bring your vehicle in for repairs:                                                                                                   Return to home page

When you bring your car in to have it repaired, it is not necessary to talk to Joe or a mechanic.

The following items are important:

  1. Be sure to leave a note or tell the receptionist what is actually wrong with the car. DO NOT tell us what you think is wrong with the car, this often leads technicians in the wrong direction. A customer that has a car that stumbles when it leaves a stop sign will often come in and say “I think my fuel filter is plugged” The vital information is “car that stumbles when it leaves a stop sign”
  2. Give all information you can: when, where, hot, cold, slow speeds, highway speeds. Some people are afraid to give too much information in fear that it may cost them more. It is actually quite opposite, the more info you give us, the more we have to work with to fix what you want repaired, the first time the vehicle is brought in.
  3. Leave a contact # you can be reached at, and leave a maximum amount that can be spent on the car without contact. This often speeds up the repair process.
  4. Tell the receptionist when you would like to get your car back when it is dropped off.
  5. Be sure there is enough gas/fuel in the vehicle to perform necessary diagnosis and test driven. It may be hard to believe, but vehicles are brought in empty of fuel, often these vehicle require more than normal warm-ups and test drives to perform proper diagnosis (Murphy's law???)

"After hours" or "Early bird"

If you are bringing in your vehicle "After hours" or "Early bird", there are envelopes (and pens) outside the front door, please fill out the envelope, place keys inside envelope and drop through the mail slot on the front door.

If you would like to use your own envelope (for faster drop off time) please write the following information on it.

1. Name

2. Phone # you can be reached at.

3. License of vehicle. (if convenient)

4. What is actual problem with the vehicle or what service(s) do you want performed