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Our receptionist, Tawnie, is our most important link to our customers. She is also my oldest daughter and the mother of my grandson, Dayton. She has had a lot of experience around cars most of her life. She has had auto shop three years in high school, she pitted for me at the race track, and she has put cars into car shows. I have also made her work on her own car for years. Tawnie is a very hard worker and tries very hard to do our customers a good job.


If you would like to make an appointment call Tawnie at 541-975-2000

or e-mail Joe at joehorst@eoni.com   Be sure to leave phone # you can be reached at.

Read "do's and don'ts" when you bring your car in.

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    The Employees


Tawnie           Eric          Ryan         (and of course) Joe




Joe takes pride in his employees. Eric has been here for 7 years now, he is a top quality technician, very thorough and does a great job. Tawnie has been with me for 24 years now (of course she is my daughter). The technicians are ASE certified, Joe has been master certified (certified in ALL 8 ASE categories) since 1985 and has been certified in L1 advanced engine performance since 1990.