Joe's Boy Scout page 







Joe has been a Cub Scout and Boy Scout leader for many years.

This includes 4 years of Cub Master, 5 years of Assistant Scout

Master, 2 years of Scout Master and 4 additional years in Troop 511

 as the secretary. Now back into Cub Scouts with my grandson

Dayton for the last 3 years

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   Here is where you will find my tips and tricks on building Pinewood Derby cars

                          Also here is a good idea of recommended rules for running a Pinewood Derby

And always feel free to ask for my help or ask me to run yours

pinewood derby photo - yellow car <<<  Click on the car to get to the page



Klondike 2009 pics below


Me and Ed

Our cave

Entrance to camp

The kitchen

6:00 AM

JJ in bed

Flag Ceremony

Flag Ceremony

Cervase crossing

The big winners