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      Maintenance and fluids:                                                                                                                                                    

 All manufacturers create a maintenance schedule for their vehicles when they are built. These are usually in or with the owners manual of the vehicle. These schedules have the maintenance intervals as well as recommended fluids. When these recommendations are followed, your vehicle has its best chance for living a very long time.


I have personally seen several vehicle with over 500,000 miles on them and they ALL have one consistency, all manufactures recommendations were followed on every one. NO special fluids or synthetics were used on any of these cars. Synthetics should only be used if recommended by the manufacturer, otherwise, no matter what the products may claim or what the people that sell them say they will do, there is no advantage to using these products!!!


Many dealerships and some repair shops are also selling services that are not recommended by their own manufacturers (i.e. oil flushes, transmission flushes, fuel injection cleaning etc.) They are NOT recommended by the manufacturer and can do more damage than good!!!