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Or just bought a car and would like to know what it needs for maintenance and service?

We have a complete inspection we can do to see if there are foreseeable

future problems or any maintenance that may need to be done.

Below is a copy of the inspection sheet!!!

We do a lot of these inspections and they are well worth the money

The cost is $82.00 for the inspection. 1 hour of our current labor rate (in case I forget to update this website)

We have a basic inspection as well for $41.00, it consists of the top half of the page below.


Inspected        Recommendations    
Scope Check ignition     Good     Needs  tune-up  
Inspect plugs                
Coolant      Good   Recommend coolant service
-   Degrees        
Oil       Good    Recommend service  
Tires  Front   % Rear   %  
Brakes   Front   % Rear   %  
Average Compression     lbs        
Transmission       Good    Recommend service  
Transfer case   N/A   Good    Recommend service  
Differential, Front N/A   Good    Recommend service  
Differential, Rear N/A   Good    Recommend service  
Suspension       Good    Needs shocks or attention
Timing belt  N/A   Good    Recommend service  
Recommend replaced every 60k to 75k miles        
A/C  N/A   Good    Needs serviced  
Road test       Good  Fair  Poor    
Overall Condition      Good  Fair  Poor    
Additional notes: