About the shop


Joe opened for business March 1st 1993 as Joes Auto Electric and Repair. We changed our name to La Grande Auto Repair when we moved into the new shop in October 1997.


La Grande Auto Repair has kept the shop up to date with the latest tools, software, and computer system that is available in the automotive industry today. Every technician literally has a computer in their work bay so they have access to all of your vehicles information (such as wiring diagrams, torque specifications, etc.). The technicians can also order parts from the local (and out of town) parts houses without ever making a phone call, right directly from your repair order. These parts are also transferred to the repair order as they are ordered, saving time and money. While it has been improved dramatically in the last couple of years, this system has been in place since 2001.


Teamed up with ACDelco, we also have the best training available to the aftermarket industry, ACDelco training is considered to be better than what is available to automotive dealerships.


Our diagnostic tools are also the best available. We have had the Vetronix MT3100 for 15 years now, it  is completely up to date and a very important piece of equipment. (Vetronix has done all of GMs diagnostic software since 1980 and now does many of the manufacturers diagnostic software including Toyota, Kia, and Honda). We also have the Snap-On Modis, the top of the line in Snap-Ons line of diagnostic tools.    


We also have the Vetronix VCI, the absolute latest in diagnostic equipment. The VCI is identical to the new GMs MDI that the GM dealerships have (except the VCI is green and the MDI is blue). The MDI that the GM dealers have only have GM software loaded into them. The VCI we have has the SAME GM software PLUS software for all the other manufacturers including OEM (identical to the manufacturers and dealerships) for Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, and a few others.


The VCI is capable of reflashing any J2534 protocol computer (most computers on vehicles are J2534 compliant). The VCI is unique in that it plugs into the vehicle then communicates wirelessly (via 802.11) to a laptop that sits on the work bench. Information from the vehicle can be shown in many different forms, printed to a printer, and even transferred directly to repair order.


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