The 2013 race season was yet another learning experience. There was a new track owner that made a lot of improvements to Hermiston Super Oval. This with much larger prize funds ($3000 for first as opposed to $600 for first last year) opened up a whole new level of competition with the super late model class. The cars were from all over the Northwest with double the car count of last year (more than triple the car count the last race this season than any race the 2012 season).

This year we were very low budget as opposed to most the cars we were running against. Even at that we improved our lap times almost a full 1 1/2 seconds over last year and we expect to be very competitive next year

I want to thank everyone that came and watched me race, sponsored me, and especially those who helped me on the race car. I plan to run the entire season in 2014 and look forward to seeing you there. We are also hoping to run a couple of other tracks next year as well.


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